Portable Shotblasting Equipment

High quality, portable blast cleaning equipment

J Reid Engineering’s well designed and manufactured range of high quality, portable blast cleaning equipment will provide the ultimate solution to your shot blasting and blast room applications.

A selection of blast pots are available for hire or to buy from our smallest, 10A up to the 24A, delivering the very best in performance, efficiency and safety. We supply continuous cycle blast machines with multiple outlets for special applications.

Our experienced engineers undertake all aspects of service, repairs and certified pressure testing of our own equipment and other machines that are out in the market place. In addition, we are able to source and supply more specialised items within this field.

Portable Shotblasting Equipment

General features

  • Heavy gauge pressure vessel tested to 15barg giving a safe working pressure of 7.9barg (115psi).
  • Concave top and conical bottom allows rapid, easy filling and ensures a free flow of all types of media.
  • Fully CE marked with pressure test certificate.
  • Free moving, heavy duty pop up valve capable of operating at low working pressure.
  • Large inspection cover for the servicing of the equipment.
  • Remote control deadmans system with silencer for operator safety.
  • Choice of abrasive metering valves suitable for use with all media.
  • Machines are fitted with rugged solid wheels for ease of mobility.
  • All suitable for a range of abrasives.
  • Sieve.

Our complete packages include the following:-

  • Blast machine.
  • Blast hose.
  • Nozzle and holder.
  • Air fed helmet with breathing air filter.
  • Remote control deadmans system for operator safety.
  • Water separator.
  • Pressure regulator.
  • Sieve.

Other options are available to suit you requirements.

A comprehensive range of spare parts are always available from our stores department with most parts available for next day delivery.

The Basic Pot Range

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Blast Pot Accessories

A small selection of blast hoses, nozzles and couplings that we have ex stock.

Abrasive media

A large variety of blasting media can be used, each with its own performance and cost trade-offs.

The main categories are:-

  • Expendable abrasives, these are low cost, one use only abrasives.
  • Re-usable abrasives, these are initially more expensive but can be used many times where collection and recovery is available.

We carry a substantial quantity of abrasives including steel, chilled iron, expendable, glass bead and aluminium oxide, both virgin and reclaimed.

Blast pot air requirements

The key to your machine working correctly is the cfm (cubic feet/min) of the available compressor in relation to nozzle size, hose length, and blasting pressure.

The following table indicates this relationship of nozzle size, psi and cfm.

* Note – The figures are for reference only and may vary under different working conditions.